Oct 04, 2019 Rahardian

Ke’te’ Kesu’

When it is about Tana Toraja Regency, most travelers think about uncommon traditional ceremonies and burials. There is a popular tourist activity in such region. It is exploring Kete Kesu. In a nutshell, it is a mystical tour by visiting ancient tombstones and burial sites of the locals. People in Tana Toraja call it Tongkonan. Near to this location, you can see scattered bones and tombstones. Not all travelers love this activity. However, it gives a unique experience for travelers. Dare you to visit Tana Toraja?.

As mentioned before, many traditional tombstones and uncommon burial sites are scattered in Kete Kesu. For example, there is a pile of skeletons in a particular site. These include skulls and other parts of the body. Many cigarettes are inserted there. Why is that? The relatives give these items to their dead family. Somehow, the spirit keeps wandering prior to reaching the heaven. It is believed the cigarettes can relieve their journey. Not to mention there are eerie statues. They were carved and built by the locals.

What can tourists enjoy in Kete Kesu? First, it is Tongkonan. The shape of the traditional houses of Tana Toraja is indeed unique. These houses can be an interesting object for photography. Not to mention they feature beautiful ornaments, especially the horns of buffalos. This type of decoration looks amazing. Here is the thing. A higher placement of the buffalo horns represents the higher status of the family. It has been common knowledge among the villagers. For tourists, this phenomenon is definitely interesting.

Kete Kesu is situated in the south part of Tana Toraja Regency. It is also near to Suaya, Lemo, and Londa. Tourists can even visit them within one day. Still, Kete Kesu is the most famous one. It holds ancient tombstones and skeletons. In fact, some of the coffins have the age more than hundreds of years. The locals place them in different locations. These include on the ground, walls, trees, etc. No wonder, you may see many skulls and skeletons in such location.

Apart from the tombstones, you can also find a unique statue. Due to their high values, they become a target for the thieves. It is because the statues have a great value of history. No wonder, the price is quite high. Once you explore those creepy things, it is time to enjoy good foods in nearby eateries. The most famous one is Pantollo. It comes with different types of meat based on your preference. Have now worries. The price is affordable.

In this popular traditional village, you will see the impressive rows of great traditional houses and rice barns, proudly showing off the buffalo horns of past sacrifices. Nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ke’te’ Kesu’ will capture your attention with every glance.

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