Nov 01, 2019 Baskoro

Kambira Village

Not many tourists have heard about Passiliran. Well, it is one of the creepiest things in Tana Toraja. It is the name of a local burial site. However, it is not similar to a regular cemetery. Why is that? The locals will bury their dead child inside a tree. You can find and witness it in Kambira Village. Thus, you should come to the village in order to observe such unique burial site. The locals will help you get around and visit those trees. Some travelers don’t dare to do such thing, though.

The name of the burial site is Passiliran and the name of the tree is Terra. Both of them combine into a unique tourist spot for travelers. The locals make some holes in the trunk of the tree. They cover them with a wooden lid, as well. The tree produces sap, so villagers consider it as breast milk. With this, the dead children are able to reincarnate or reborn. This is what they believe. The thing is only pure babies are allowed to get buried there. Those are babies without the milk teeth.

Most of the tourists come to Kambira Village to observe Passiliran (the cemetery for babies). The dead babies are put in the trunk of Tarra Tree. However, the locals only use trees with a big trunk. At least, the diameter should be more than 80 cm. The families of the dead make a hole in such trunk and cover it with sugar palm leaves. The thing is you are not allowed to open the holes. It is definitely tempting to open it, but you should not do it.

The next thing you can learn in Kambira Village is the social class of the villagers. Here is the thing. A dead baby placed in a high position in the trunk come from a noble family. The higher the position is the higher the social class of the baby. It is common knowledge. You can gather such information from some villagers. In this case, a good communication skill is a must. As an alternative, you can come with a local guide. He also acts as your interpreter, after all.

As for the tips, you must prepare several items prior to visiting Kambira Village. First, it is the camera. This item helps you capture uncommon objects around the village. You can even take selfies with villagers. Next, it is the money. You are going to use it for getting tour guide service and buying snacks. If you get lucky, you can join a dinner with the locals. Their foods are definitely unique and flavorsome.

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