Technical Information

2º59´00” S to 120º13´00"E Port Code : DPPO
GMT + 8 Cruise and Ferry Up to 5,000 passengers
2º58´41.4” S 120º13´06.8" E
2º58´5” S 120º13´06." E
Note: Ships can anchor closer, depend on draft available upon arrival
Length: 190 meters
Depth: 8 meters
Minimum width: 15 meters

Number: 11 unit
Capacity: 25-50 tonnes
Number: 2(two)
Tanjung Ringgit Pier:
Length: 190m
Draft: 7m-10m
Width: 15m
Max LOA: 270 meters
Turning Basin
Length: -
Depth: -
Minimum width: -

General Information

Closest Bua Airport (LLO) – (16.8 Km)
Closest Palopo City – (11.0 Km)
1. Star of the sea hospital (2.6km from palopo port)
2. Rumah Sakit Mega Buana (3.8km from palopo port)
3. RS. Sawerigading Palopo (2.0km from palopo port)
Port Operator
Palopo Port (Tanjung Ringgit), South Sulawesi
Palopo Port/Unit Penyelenggara Pelabuhan Palopo (UPP): Yos Sudarso Street Palopo, South Sulawesi, 91923, Indonesia.
Other Supplies
220 V
Port Operator & Address Palopo Port/Unit Penyelenggara Pelabuhan Palopo (UPP): Yos Sudarso Street Palopo 91923, South Sulawesi , Indonesia.
Emergency Contact Numbers
Police: +62 471 21110
Hospital: +62 471 24356
Fire Brigade: +62 471 24356
Rupiah (IDR)

Port Rates

Port Service Rates ($) Port Facilities
Fix Cost Variable Cost

For most current and prevailing Tariff for Port of Soekarno Hatta – Makassar, please contact:

Website :
Email : [email protected]

The most recent government regulation of Port Tariff issued by the Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia can be viewed here

Calling Cruise Ships

Last Calling
Due to Call
No. Package Duration
1 Wonderful Toraja Tour 07:30-18:30
2 Nepo, Kupa Tour 08:00-17:00
3 Batubatu Country - Side Excursion 08:00-13:00
4 Matahari Kupa Tour 12:00-18:30

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