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Toraja Tour Package

Tana Toraja is surely amidst the most recommended places to visit in Indonesia that there are many options to choose upon Toraja tour package. The so-called Tana Toraja is actually regency within the area of South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. It is home to the local ethnic group known as Toraja. Just as in so many other tourist destinations in Indonesia, Tana Toraja has its own beauty to be presented to anyone visiting the place. Many of the spots to visit in Toraja remain pretty much natural. That really attracts those travelers who love to have an adventure in nature.

Aside of offering many spots that are totally beautiful in the most natural way, the people of Toraja offer some unique cultures to be explored. It is true that exploring the culture of any tourist destination in the world is a decent way to get to know more about the place. Thus, it is possible to have a trip to visit places related to culture when visiting Tana Toraja. Regardless of the main intention of the visit to Tana Toraja on vacation, getting a tour package deal is always a great idea. A package will give the easiest way to travel to any place and just enjoy it without having to worry about almost anything.

Those who are in need of Toraja tour package deals should consider contacting pacébo tours of Makassar, Indonesia. It has a decent set of tour packages to visit Tana Toraja that will really meet different preferences of any traveler. Some of the packages offered by pacébo tours are Makassar Cultural Exploration, Toraja Cultural Exploration, Toraja & Bugis Exploration and Toraja & Makassar exploration. Clearly it will depend on personal desire to go on which direction of the adventure upon enjoying the trip to Tana Toraja.

Toraja Cultural Exploration

pacébo tours offers this tour package to Tana Toraja for those who love cultural values. This package has its length of 4 days and 3 nights for the trip. It starts from Makassar that will later end in Makasar as well. The idea is to really know the well-maintained culture from a long time ago. It includes a trip to the 3rd largest forest of karts in the world as well. The second day will be for the entire Toraja area and the third day is the time for trekking to reach mount Sesean at its top most surfaces. This tour package to Toraja will cost IDR 5,250,000 for each individual at the initial or starting price.

Wonderful Toraja – Rafting Mai’ting River

This next Toraja tour package from pacébo tours will cost at least IDR 8,250,000 for one person. This tour will take 5 days and 4 nights starts from Makassar. The other features of this package remain rather the same as other packages offered by pacébo tours. The other features of this package remain rather the same as other packages offered by pacébo tours. Yet it has a decent addition of adrenaline pumping activity of rafting on the river of Mai’ting. The rafting will probably be done within 3 hours of time. The natural elements around the river for the rafting are just adding more enjoyment to this tour package to Tana Toraja.

Toraja & Bugis Exploration

Exploring the vast area of Tana Toraja is always going to be fun especially for first timers to visit Tana Toraja. pacébo tours offers this tour to accommodate that fun of exploring the area. It will cost IDR 7,850,000 for this package that will be done after 5 days and 4 nights. It includes a visit to Sengkang. That particular area is well known for their silk production. Obviously, the silk will have its distinctive look that can be functioned as a souvenir as well. Lake Tempe is another place that will be the key element of this tour package to Toraja. His tour will start and end in Makassar.

Toraja & Makassar Exploration

This Toraja tour package offered by pacébo tours is a rather expensive one with the destination Toraja exploration. It has its cost of IDR 9,250,000 for a person to experience the ultimate vacation in Tana Toraja. The tour will end after 6 days and 5 nights. Basically, the addition to this tour package from the previously mentioned tour packages is within its It includes the trekking and land adventure upon arriving at the area. Malino Highland is amidst the place to visit upon incorporating this tour package to Toraja.

Those are the recommended Toraja tour package from pacébo tours. There are few more options of tour package to Toraja though. There is the cheapest one known as Toraja Highlight which will cost only IDR 3,750,000 for a trip of 3 days and 2 nights. There is even the longest and the most expensive tour package as well, known as Expedition Indonesia which will obviously include Tana Toraja as the place to visit along the tour. That tour will end after 30 days and 29 nights within the cost of IDR 140,000,000 per person. Other packages that are available include Toraja Bada Valley Overland Sulawesi, Toraja Adventure Rafting Sa’dan River and even Toraja Manado Bunaken Togean Island as well.

Why pacébo tours?

Eventually when finding a tour package of vacation, it is crucial to think about the intended activities to do and places to visit. The packages offered by pacébo tours are all specifically directed and arranged to help travelers enjoy the destination are to the fullest. pacébo tours has been around for years to help travelers to experience the deepest and most authentic experience in visiting various spots in Indonesia. Obviously, Tana Toraja is one of many places with a rather ancient culture to be offered in many tour packages prepared by this travel agent. Moreover, the price offered by pacébo tours is pretty well balanced in term of the features to get for the trip. In the end, pick one Toraja tour package an start exploring the beauty of ancient culture in Tana Toraja of Indonesia.

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