Sep 20, 2018 Baskoro

Guide To Toraja Highlands

The Torajans are an indigenous Austronesian ethnic group located in a mountainous region of Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. Alongside their rich culture and traditions, Torajans also treasure the abundant myths about the origin of their name.

Learn the history of Toraja, where its people have been shaped by the surrounding landscape and blessed with great longevity. In this land, well-preserved ancestral traditions are practiced within the peaceful communal society. Recently introduced ideas, such as Christianity, synchronize harmoniously with local customs, making Toraja someplace special. Witness the dramatic ceremonies, family bonds, cuisine and art of the only living megalithic culture in the modern world. Enveloped by magnificent natural landscapes, Toraja is full of life-changing experiences and is waiting to be explored.

Toraja’s nature, once it casts its spell, will eternally ensnare you in its net of bewilderment. Let the land embrace you and allow the air to sing you a melody of serenity. The beliefs that Torajans hold dear to their hearts are reflected in every handcrafted wonder, all conceived by the genuine intention that these products will be beneficial to their community and the world around them. Coffee and hand-woven fabrics are known to bear the signature taste and patterns Toraja is famed for.

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