The answer is quite simple; no they are not. There are a number of reasons why pacébo tours are affordable for everyone. First of all you determine your budget available and we stick to it. Sometimes it means we might have to make measured choices together, but they will never endanger a great travel experience. Secondly, we offer customized tours that cannot easily be replaced by a standard tour which was not specifically made for your travel goals. We make our tours exactly the way you want them within your requirements. That way you will always get what you are looking for. Finally, pacébo tours is locally based and has an extensive network of suppliers. We always negotiate the best possible deals, which is translated into the prices we offer, without endangering the quality of our services.

Good question! There are many other players in the field and some good ones too. However with our experience in the travel and tourism industry, we have obtained a pretty good feel of what works and what doesn’t. With all our experiences in mind, we have set up our company along with our mission, goals and core values. We strongly believe that there are only a few companies that offer true customized tours. Furthermore, from experience we know how crucial it is to get it right! We believe our added value lies in our extreme flexibility, personal approach and strong relationship with our customers, even though it might be a short-term one, to ensure that we can fully understand and read our clients’ wishes and needs. This is the basis for being original and organizing tours that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Furthermore we believe in being fully transparent in everything we do, to keep it all clear and straight forward. pacébo tours only reasons for existence are our clients, the high quality products we deliver and simply loving what we do! There is nothing like a happy client!

That is what we are here for! pacébo tours will help you find out what your interests are and what kind of things you do or do not like. We will help you accordingly to choose locations, accommodations, activities and much more. We will advise you along the way and provide you with original ideas you might not have thought of yourself. With our suggested itinerary you can then judge whether it is to your liking or if we need to make changes until we have the unique program that is exactly to your liking.

Don’t worry! As we have our office and network in place and are very flexible and hands-on, even tours on short notice are no problem for us. It just means we have to roll up our sleeves and jump into details a bit quicker and speed up the process. pacébo tours is always in for a challenge and Happy to make it Happen!

No, that’s no problem at all. We have a lot of experience with very large groups. Also when it comes to active programs, such as for example performing music groups. Travelling with large groups means the logistics have to be taken care of extra meticulously and maybe some carefully considered decisions have to be made. But don’t worry – pacébo tours will ensure that you are well advised and it will all run smoothly.

No of course not. When we agree upon the suggested itinerary pacébo tours will send you the Terms & Conditions applicable. These will include the payment terms as well. Generally we will have to work with a phased payment scheme due to reservations made for the trip. However, full payment will have to be made a few weeks before the departure date to make sure that all your accommodations, restaurants and activities are guaranteed.

Of course we do that. We can arrange your exclusive, luxury or VIP tour at any time! Our high quality VIP service aims for the best of the best; from luxury transportation, the best hotels to exclusive restaurants and VIP treatments with activities organized in advance. We will ensure that everything is organized to your liking and of course our experienced local tour escort will make sure that everything runs according to plan. Depending on the budget available, the sky’s the limit!

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