Feb 21, 2020 Guritno

Toraja Tour Package: The Best Destinations You Should Visit!

Tana Toraja is one of the tourist destinations that is very famous for its uniqueness, one of which is considered as a very unique area in the burial and at the ceremony of the death. But who would have thought, it turns out that Tana Toraja has many amazing tourist spots, which you must include in your Toraja ...Read More


Nov 15, 2019 Baskoro

Lolai Village

Tana Toraja Regency offers more than creepy things. For instance, there is Lolai Village in North Tana Toraja. It is known as the sky settlement among travelers. Why is that? Thanks to the location. It is situated on a highland, so you can witness beautiful scenery from here. In fact, you can even see stunning clouds f ...Read More


Nov 08, 2019 Baskoro

Lo'ko Mata

South Sulawesi Province provides many interesting attractions to tourists. Most of the time, travelers are attracted to the unique burial ceremony in Tana Toraja. One of the best locations to witness both traditional procession and burial site is Lo’ko Mata. It is a popular settlement located in Tana Toraja, after all. ...Read More


Nov 01, 2019 Baskoro

Kambira Village

Not many tourists have heard about Passiliran. Well, it is one of the creepiest things in Tana Toraja. It is the name of a local burial site. However, it is not similar to a regular cemetery. Why is that? The locals will bury their dead child inside a tree. You can find and witness it in Kambira Village. Thus, you shou ...Read More


Oct 04, 2019 Rahardian

Ke’te’ Kesu’

When it is about Tana Toraja Regency, most travelers think about uncommon traditional ceremonies and burials. There is a popular tourist activity in such region. It is exploring Kete Kesu. In a nutshell, it is a mystical tour by visiting ancient tombstones and burial sites of the locals. People in Tana Toraja call it T ...Read More

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