Oct 25, 2019 Rahardian

Buntu Burake

Celebes Island is mostly recognized as Sulawesi Island. It is part of Indonesia and it holds beautiful tourist attractions. In South Sulawesi, tourists should visit Tana Toraja. What can people get by visiting it? Apart from the culture and culinary, it is also famous for majestic tourist spots. For instance, there is Buntu Burake Hill. It is the home of a giant Jesus the Christ Statue. This enormous statue located on a hill surrounded by beautiful nature. That means tourists can enjoy sightseeing and hiking at the same time.

It is a no brainer. The most popular feature in Buntu Burake is the giant statue of Jesus. The height is approximately 40 meters. This landmark was inaugurated in 2015 and it took several years to build it. Not to mention it required lots of money. In terms of appearance, it is a little bit similar to that of the Rio de Janeiro's. Apart from the statue, the landscape, and the hill are also attractive. This location gives you an opportunity to perform hiking. The thing is you won’t find many facilities. Make sure to prepare everything beforehand!

It is said Butu Burake Hill is a compulsory tourist spot for travelers. When visiting Tana Toraja, you should drop by at this location. The distance is only 5 km from Makale. The best thing to witness is the Jesus Statue. The size is enormous indeed. A route to the statue is comfortable and wide. Once you reach the hill, there is a spacious parking area. That means you can park your vehicle comfortably there. On top of that, the hill is situated in a strategic era.

On the top of the hill, visitors can enjoy the views of Makale City. Some parts of Tana Toraja Regency are also seen well. When it comes to facilities, you can find toilets and small gazebos. You can take advantage of those conveniences either to relax or rest. For those who love photography, some parts of the hill are suitable for taking pictures. Make sure to come at the right time, though. As for the tips, you need to come either in the morning or afternoon. Both the sunrise and sunset are worthy. These can be a stunning object for photography as well.

The next activity to do is trekking. A temptation to get around the hill is real. Thus, you should have come with good stamina and proper tools. There is only one rule. You are not allowed to litter. Not to mention you should not write anything on the stone. This way, you can help retaining the beauty of the hill.

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