Oct 11, 2019 Rahardian

Pasar Bolu

The Torajans are an indigenous Austronesian ethnic group located in a mountainous region of Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. Alongside their rich culture and traditions, Torajans also treasure the abundant myths about the origin of their name.

Learn the history of Tana Toraja, where its people have b ...Read More


Oct 18, 2019 Rahardian


People in Tana Toraja Regency have been familiar with Londa. It is actually an ancient tombstone. What makes it unique? The dead people are buried in a wall. Near to these holes, there are some wooden dolls. These represent the dead people, actually. The dolls wear traditional clothes of Tana Toraja and they stand neatly near to each other. Due to such uniqueness, Lond ...Read More


Nov 22, 2019 Rahardian

Ma'nene Ritual

Foreigners recognize Ma’nene Ritual as the creepiest tradition in the world. They say it is an interaction to the zombies. Well, Indonesia should be proud of it. This unique ritual belongs to Tana Toraja Tribe in South Sulawesi Province. What is it, actually? The family of the death may take out the corpses and put new ...Read More


Oct 25, 2019 Rahardian

Buntu Burake

Celebes Island is mostly recognized as Sulawesi Island. It is part of Indonesia and it holds beautiful tourist attractions. In South Sulawesi, tourists should visit Tana Toraja. What can people get by visiting it? Apart from the culture and culinary, it is also famous for majestic tourist spots. For instance, there is Buntu Burake Hill. It is the home of a giant Jesus ...Read More


Nov 29, 2019 Guritno

Rambu Solo Ceremony

Rambu Solo Ceremony is ceremonial death Tana Toraja society that aims to honor and deliver the souls of the deceased to the realm of soul, that is, back to eternity with their ancestors in a resting place. This traditional ceremony has become tourists’ entertainment for years. It is actually a procession of the death. ...Read More

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