Baliem Valley Festival August 8th – 10th 2022, Wamena, Papua. Wonderful Indonesia organized by pacébo tours Ltd.

Baliem Valley Festival 2022 is a tour package that we make to make it easier for you to plan a tour on Usilimo, Wamena, Papua, as for package that we make 7 days for Indonesia Expedition of Baliem Valley Festival 2022 at quite affordable prices. We know that planning a tour is not easy, from choosing a place to stay, choosing a tourist attraction to be visited every day. Here we make it easier by making a tour package so you can choose according to the length of your tour on Papua, Indonesia.

The annual Baliem Valley Cultural Festival will be held on August 6th – 8th 2022 in the Jayawijaya district area of Walesi, West Papua. People from the highlands of Wamena and the neighborhood of Baliem Valley come together for three days of celebrations and dancing and together they mark the 30th Baliem Festiva ...Read More

Day 1

Bali / Jakarta to Makassar, Jayapura, Wamena

    Start From
  • Denpasar JT-746 07:00 - 08:20 UPG (Makassar)
  • Jakarta GA-604 04:05 - 07:40 UPG (Makassar)

Arrive at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar. Afterwards, drive approximately 30 minutes to Rammang-Rammang in the Maros Regency. Take a boat and explore the magnificent views of the 3rd largest karst forest in the world. Then check in at transit Hotel near Airport and have dinner. Preparations for a midnight flight to Wamena.

Day 2

Baliem Valley | Aug, 06 2022

    Start From
  • Makassar JT-798 01:40 - 06:15 DJJ (Sentani)
  • Sentani IW-1631 08:35 - 09:35 WMX (Wamena)

Upon arrival at Jayapura airport by Lion Air, Batik Air or Garuda meet and greeting service by your guide and check in on the flight to Wamena around 10.00h, right in the heart of the Baliem Valley. Flying past vertical mountain cliffs and mist clad valleys, you will understand why the place remained isolated for so many centuries!. After passing local customs - there are alcohol restrictions in the Baliem Valley. We will explore the area and get first impressions of another world. Napua Hills with its panoramic view of the valley, Wesaput village and its traditional hanging bridge, some Dani villages and a traditional market. Afternoon check-in at your hotel, your base for further valley explorations. Dinner and overnight at Baliem Pilamo Hotel.

Day 3

Baliem Valley | Aug, 07 2022

Easy hiking in the southern Baliem Valley and encounter with the Dani people. Today we visit the southern Baliem Valley. We start our easy hike in the village of Sogogmo and we follow the mighty Baliem River. We cross suspension bridges, walk through Dani settlements, meet the locals and see them working in their terraced fields and wild sugar cane groves. For lunch, we enjoy a picnic with a magnificent view over the river and the narrow valley. We walk back on the other side of the river, passing more Dani fields and settlements, before we meet our driver again. In the late afternoon we are back at the Hotel.

Day 4

Baliem Valley Festival | Aug, 08 2022

Attending the public Baliem Valley Festival. After breakfast we drive to the Baliem Valley Festival taking place near Wamena. From the tribune, we have a good view of the performance area. Many villages from the Baliem Valley participate in the festival to present themselves with dance and fighting performances. Originally, the festival served to pacify the Baliem Valley. Once a year, the clans were to get together to interact in a peaceful, joyful atmosphere. This was to prevent possible tensions that could lead to warlike conflicts. Even today, the festival is mainly for the locals. However, the decorated warriors and the informal atmosphere attract more and more foreign visitors. After a certain time, you can freely walk the grounds and interact directly with the performers. In the afternoon, we drive back to the Hotel.

Day 5

Baliem Valley Festival | Aug, 09 2022

Easy hike to the Sekan mountain and through remote Dani villages. In the morning, we set off on a one-hour hike to the summit of the nearby Sekan mountain range. The summit region is characterised by giant slabs of rock. From here, we have spectacular views of the southern Baliem Valley, the Siepkosi Valley and the Resort complex. We return to the resort through wonderful vegetation including many different flowers, orchids, carnivorous plants, moss, lichen, tree ferns and screw pines. After lunch in the Resort restaurant, we take an easy hike nearby, walking through a few isolated Dani homesteads and traditionally cultivated gardens. Along the path, we enjoy wonderful views of the neighbouring valleys. We are back at the Hotel in late afternoon.

Day 6

Baliem Valley Festival | Aug, 10 2022

Today we drive to Wamena to observe the carnival. At the end of the Baliem Valley Festival, Dani warriors parade through the city streets with loud music and alongside decorated vehicles. It is a loud and hectic event, full of locals. At the beginning of the afternoon we drive back to the Hotel. The rest of the day is free.

Day 7

Wamena to Makassar | Aug, 11 2022

  • Wamena (WMX) IW-1630 09:55 - 10:55 Sentani (DJJ)
  • Sentani (DJJ) JT-797 11:20 - 13:45 Makassar (UPG)

Last day in the Baliem Valley and transfer to Makassar. After breakfast, you are transferred to Wamena airport for your flight back to Makassar.

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